Lowe Maintenance Life shares images and words found in living a simple life, whether inspired by nature, a moment caught in travel or daily routine, or information regarding a “Lowe Maintenance” lifestyle. What is that? Living simply, responsibly, and sustainably, yet surrounding ourselves with beauty found in nature and handmade materials.

Lowe Maintenance helps others keep it simple at home and work.  We do this primarily by assisting in maintaining your home’s cleanliness, organization, and resourcing unique, sustainable, handmade decor. We also offer custom freshwater aquarium set-up and design, especially with our exclusive, handmade bonsai trees for freshwater tanks. As partners in business and more importantly life, we strive to share what we know with others in order to enjoy the beauty of living simply.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact ms.lowemaintenance@gmail.com.

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